Spruedude Website 2.0 – IT LIVES!

Spruedude Website 2.0 – IT LIVES!

Howdy Ya’ll!

So after much gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair and not a small amount of high voltage electricity, WWW.SPRUEDUDE.COM is re-born!

We still have some bugs that need to be squashed, mainly an inventory sync issue between our eBay store and the website. But, I’m confident we will have that fixed very soon!

After things settle down Ill be introducing some new product lines, a lot more Victrix, and lot more custom token/accessory sets and… 3D printing! Knucklebones, Reptilian Overlords, and Red Copper stuff to start.

As is the way of the Spruedude – our pricing, packaging, and quality of 3D prints will be top shelf. I did not want to go into the 3D print business unless I could solve the ‘brittle print’ problem, and through much experimentation and discussion with leaders in the field, we’ve got a custom resin mix and a secret curing process that will not disappoint.

I also intend to start sending out a semi-regular newsletter that will actually be useful info and not just advertising so please sign up for it on our front page. This blog page will be mainly be for my own personal thoughts and projects, so you guys can follow along and get to know the Spruedude.

If anything seems off, weird, or just not working with the website please get in touch.

Once more unto the breach dear friends! Once more!

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