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Agincourt English Foot Knights Sprue Perry Miniatures

This sprue contains 6 English Knights/Men at Arms, however they could be used for any west european nation. They are

French Napoleonic Infantry 1807-14 Sprue Perry Miniatures

This sprue holds 5 28mm French Infantry figures in pre 1812 long tailed coats and overalls. Poses are march or

Stargrave Troopers Sprue

This sprue offers enough parts to build 5 heavily equipped characters for Stargrave, or any sci-fi skirmish game and are

Victrix Gallic Naked Fanatic Sprue

This sprue contains 4 28mm figures including arm options to create command figures and many head and arm/weapons options include

Victrix Late Roman Unarmored Cavalry Sprue Set

This sprue set allows one to build 4 28mm Mounted Late Roman Cavalry. The sprue come with a wide range

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Sprue

This sprue includes warriors typical of the North-West Frontier during conflicts with the British from 1830s-1920s. Depending on weapon choices

Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warrior Sprue

This hard plastic sprue allows you to build up to 6 warriors equipped with bow, atlatl, machuahuitl, spears, slings, and

Wargames Atlantic French Resistance Sprue

This hard plastic sprue allows you to build up to 4 28mm partisans equipped with rifles, grease guns, MP-38/40s, Bren