Featured Products

Agincourt English Bowman Sprue

This sprue allows you to create 6 28mm Hundred Years War Archers. Equally useful as French or any of the

Frostgrave Soldiers Sprue

This sprue of allows you to build 5 28mm Soldiers to use in games of Frostgrave, RPGs, or any fantasy

Goblin Infantry Sprue

This sprue contains enough parts for you to build 5 28mm Goblin Infantry. Enough weapon options are provided to make

Les Grognards Sprue

This sprue includes enough parts to build 3 heroic scale Sci-fi 28mm figures with a variety of options including standard

Living Dead Peasant Sprue

This sprue contains 6 28mm multi-part plastic undead medieval peasants of the 12th/13th century. However, zombie peasants are zombie peasants and

Stargrave Troopers Sprue

This sprue offers enough parts to build 5 heavily equipped characters for Stargrave, or any sci-fi skirmish game and are

Victrix Germanic Warrior Sprue

This set contains 8 exceptionally detailed 28mm hard plastic Germanic Warriors, as well as numerous additional parts which allow you

Wargames Atlantic Miniatures SpaceNam Sprue

This 4 figure hard plastic set includes an armory full of interesting weapons including standard rifles, blast pistols, edged weapons,