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Round Bases 50mm (4)

4 50mm Diameter Bases. All Renedra’s precision bases are made by using the latest in plastic molding technology and come

Square Bases 25mm (30)

30 25mm square bases. 3 sprues with 10 Bases per sprue. All Renedra’s precision bases are made by using the

Square Bases 50mm (4)

4 50mm x 50mm Wargaming Bases. 2 bases per sprue listing is for 2 sprues. All of Rendras bases are

Stargrave Troopers Sprue

This sprue offers enough parts to build 5 heavily equipped characters for Stargrave, or any sci-fi skirmish game and are

Victrix Dacian Infantry Sprue

This sprue holds 8 high quality 28mm miniatures. The Dacians were a Warlike people living in and around the Carpathian

Victrix Gallic Naked Fanatic Sprue

This sprue contains 4 28mm figures including arm options to create command figures and many head and arm/weapons options include

Victrix Late Roman Unarmored Cavalry Sprue Set

This sprue set allows one to build 4 28mm Mounted Late Roman Cavalry. The sprue come with a wide range

Victrix Late Saxon Anglo Dane Huscarls Sprue

The Huscarls sprue represents the Saxon warrior elite. Equipped with chain mail, an assortment of helmets, they carry a double

Victrix Norman Unarmored Cavalry Sprue Set

The Norman Unarmoured Cavalry sprue set includes 4 highly detailed 28mm plastic figures with a whole host of head, weapon

Wargames Atlantic Afghan Warriors Sprue

This sprue includes warriors typical of the North-West Frontier during conflicts with the British from 1830s-1920s. Depending on weapon choices

Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warrior Sprue

This hard plastic sprue allows you to build up to 6 warriors equipped with bow, atlatl, machuahuitl, spears, slings, and

Wargames Atlantic British SAS/Commandos Sprue

This sprue includes enough parts to build 6 SAS, SBS, or Royal Marine Commandos with a variety of headgear. Equipment


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